Quotes about The New Terrorism

From Newt Gingrich Speaker of the House, 1995-1999

“We should measure every potential leader, and especially every potential commander-in-chief, against the Van Hipp standard as we prepare for 2016 and beyond. And they should all read this book.”


“He has the courage to tell the truth both about those who would destroy us and what it will take to keep America and her allies safe.”

From George E. Pataki Governor of New York, 1995-2006

“The New Terrorism represents the kind of outside the box thinking needed to prevent the next terrorist attack and keep America safe.”

From Duncan L. Hunter Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, 2003-2007

“Van Hipp is one of the bright security stars and deep thinkers of our nation. His understanding of security issues is salted with a strong dose of common sense, which provides a series of practical recommendations for America’s security. Policy makers and concerned citizens should read this book.”

From Lieutenant General Donald E. Rosenblum, USA (Ret.) Former Commanding General, First U.S. Army

“This marvelous and fascinating book on what the terrorists have done and can do should be required reading for all Federal and State leaders. Include the Department of Defense and DHS so they can plan and implement items to keep our country safe. It should be required reading to lead to implementation.”

From Rear Admiral John Stufflebeem, USN (Ret.) Former Commander, United States Sixth Fleet

“A very thought provoking treatise on the full spectrum of threats facing our nation now that will only escalate in sophistication and frequency in the future as the threats mature. Van Hipp has written a compelling book to understate the depth and breadth of prescriptions our national leaders must undertake if we are to assure our national security and prosperity.”


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