The North Korean Threat Is Real
February 8, 2016

To successfully deal with the North Korean threat, we must understand the full extent of its relationship with Iran. Our lack of a real foreign policy and the objective to get a nuclear deal at any cost has made our task of successfully confronting the North Korean threat much more difficult. read full article

Saudi-Iran Skirmish Needs US Leadership
January 7, 2016

Yes, the United States needs a strategy and a foreign policy. King Abdullah is right , it is World War III. read full article

Situational Awareness Hotline Sorely Needed
December 14, 2015

A situational awareness hotline is an idea whose time has come. It would help us harness the power of social media and take the fight to radical Islam and, in so doing, save American lives. read full article

Our top job in 2016: Electing a commander-in-chief to keep America safe
November 19, 2015

Make no mistake, electing a Commander-in-Chief to keep America safe will be the most important issue of 2016. read full article

China threat requires real American leadership... right now
September 9, 2015

China is causing real problems for the United States and the rest of the free world from both a national security and an economic standpoint. read full article

What US must do -- right now -- to combat growing cyber threat
July 10, 2015

The U.S. has never been more unprepared for a conflict than it has been against the cyber war. read full article

America's growing cyber threat: Seven things we must do right now to protect US interests
June 5, 2015

The cyber threat to the United States is growing each day and is inflicting real damage to America, both economically and from a national security standpoint. read full article

The New Terrorism: How to fight it and defeat it
March 2, 2015

The fight against radical Islam and the global jihadist movement is the challenge of our time. Threats to our homeland are constantly increasing and our lack of real border… read full article

Defense Expert Van Hipp Weighs in on Fighting Terrorism and his New Book
March 2, 2015

There are many global issues that are running rampant today, including: hunger, epidemics, and rampant deforestation. Oftentimes these problems get overlooked by some Americans because they do not pose an immediate threat to their everyday lives. One threat that does find itself on the forefront of American minds is terrorism. Chairman of American Defense International, Van Hipp, has studied the terrorist motives and capabilities and has written about how to defend against them in his new book, The New Terrorism: How to Fight It and Defeat It. read full article

Newly released book provides the framework to end the scourge of Islamic jihad
February 26, 2015

In this book, Van Hipp capitalizes on his years of studying national security at the highest levels to capably analyze the threats posed by Islamic terrorist organization towards the United States. While members of the Obama administration appear to be lacking in the understanding of the "enemy" in this current asymmetrical conflict with an enemy hell-bent on achieving their apocalyptic vision, Van Hipp understands the enemy and understands what it will take to vanquish that enemy. read full article

Newly released book provides the framework to end the scourge of Islamic jihad

Canada Free Press
February 24, 2015

During the recent Summit on Violent Extremism held in Washington, D.C., President Barack Obama said that the U.S. battle against “violent extremism” doesn’t mean it’s a war on the Islamic world and using the words Muslim or Islamic offer the very terrorist group we are fighting a certain amount of legitimacy. However, the head of a congressional committee that oversees the nation’s Homeland Security responded by saying to reporters, “[Obama and his administration] won’t even call the threat what it is. How can you talk about defeating an enemy you cannot name?” read full article

Chairman of American Defense International to Speak at Ole Miss
February 21, 2015

The New Terrorism: How to Fight It and Defeat It navigates the increasingly complex national security threats that the United States and its interests face, and the shortcomings within the systems slated to address them. In the book, Hipp employs his years of studying national security at the highest levels to scrutinize the threats towards the United States and offers his recommendations to address the current thinking toward national security and the systems in place. read full article

CPAC 2015 - Van Hipp!

Behind Enemy Lines Radio
February 15, 2015

We're excited to welcome back foreign policy expert Van Hipp to Behind Enemy Lines for our coverage of CPAC 2015. Van Hipp is Chairman of American Defense International, Inc. (ADI), a Washington, DC based consulting firm specializing in government affairs, business development and public relations. read full article


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